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"Giving Is Not Just About Making A Donation. It Is About Making A Difference"
-Kathy Calvin, United Nations Foundation-
Youth SCA Awareness Programs
The Alyssa Dressler Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to promote Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness, CPR/AED Education, provide AED Donations and FREE Youth Heart Screenings.
Free Youth Heart Screenings
Working To Discover SCA...
About Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
-SCA is the #1 killer of student athletes.
-Every 3 days, a student dies from SCA.
-Some warning systems of SCA include dizziness,  fainting, shortness of breath or chest pain.  
-The 1st Symptom of SCA is often sudden death.
-One out of every 100 screened is found to have a previously undetected heart condition. 
AED Donation Program
The Alyssa Dressler AED Donation program is a community program designed to provide area facilities with AEDs 

Helping to Make sure that our community parks, venues, and any place where our youth gather are equipped with these life saving machines.

Technology has allowed for the price of AEDs to become more affordable however, we want to help make them available to everyone.
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