Meet Alyssa
Alyssa, an active 14 year old enjoyed making people laugh. 

 She Enjoyed using her phone to chat with friends and family. She also used her phone to make people laugh and to take pictures. 

She had a good eye for taking pictures and could capture special moments and make something special out of an ordinary object. She loved all animals especially horses. 

Alyssa was a member of the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA). As a competitive barrel racer, she was to leave to compete in Georgia at the NBHA Youth World Barrel Race Championships on July 17, 2015. 
Sadly and suddenly Alyssa passed away on July 14, 2015 from sudden cardiac arrest due to cardiomyopathy. 

She would have entered ninth grade that fall, her first year at Selinsgrove Area High School. She was looking forward to a great Freshman year. The foundation was established in her honor on 
February 1st 2018 to offer free heart screenings to children between the ages of 12 - 19, along with CPR/AED Training, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness. 
The Alyssa Dressler Foundation
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